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THF Radio is a space for us, for you, where people, deejays, artists, creatives, collectives, and initiatives get together

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About the Radio

THF Radio is a radio station located in the former gatehouse at Tempelhof Airport. An experimental space and mouthpiece for citizens, artists, musicians, creative people and initiatives. THF Radio is intended as an experimental forum: we want to address the airport and its history and give artists in the city a platform.

Interested in playing a one-off radio show or having a residency at THF Radio (or to join our community radio and association)? Please fill out the "Application Form" below. We will be in touch soon, please do not send us follow-up emails. If you are interested in journalistic formats, please also consider applying for THF Feature using the "THF Feature Form" below.

If you want to give us feedback, if you experienced something uncomfortable or something amazing at our studio or if you have a proposal for improvement, please send us an email at A single person of trust is reading the feedback mails and can pass on points of criticism anonymously.

Code of Conduct

Who We Are

THF Radio is a noncommercial, self-organised and self-administered community and radio platform in Torhaus, at the former Tempelhof airport site. THF Radio is a space for us, for you, where people, deejays, artists, creatives, collectives, and initiatives get together.

What We Believe

We are aware of the oppressive structures and dynamics in the creative industry and in the wider society and are committed to learn further about them. We want to play an active role in countering various forms of discrimination, such as sexism, racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and intersections thereof, as well as other forms of discriminations that we are still to learn about. Our tools to create such an equitable, inclusive and empowering cultural platform are radio making and community development practices.

Community Development and Accountabiltiy

We understand community development as getting to know each other, being inspired by, and supporting one another. We want to foster cross-over projects, and encourage working and growing together. The participation in the radio comes hand in hand with mutual responsibilities and personal accountability. As we are part of Torhaus Berlin e.V., every member takes responsibility for the shared space. We aim for organic and sustainable growth in order to maintain our values and to remain a space for community practice.

Curation of the Radio Making

  1. With the curation of THF Radio we aim at a diverse, rich and qualitative radio program and take into account potential barriers due to race, colourism, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical constitution, religious affiliation, socio-economic standing, social milieu, and intersections thereof.
  2. With the curation we aim for diversity regarding music, radio formats, subcultures and scenes.
  3. In curating, we seek for new resident hosts who are willing to be part of our community, which includes engaging in the community, taking over responsibility and supporting each other. We trust our resident hosts and curation team to bring in guest contributors according to our code of conduct.
  4. We will do our best to consider every request, however THF resident hosts and the curation team are limited in terms of our timetable and resources.

Code of Conduct

Our CoC emerged from various discussions within the community and should be understood as a work in progress reflecting our ongoing community developments. Should you have any feedback regarding this code of conduct please write to

THF Radio at Torhaus

About the Torhaus

The Torhaus is a self-organized and self-managed community space. A platform for projects and ideas that try out creative forms of urban participation and joint design.

What is learned from and with each other on a small scale is to be passed on to the large airport building and other urban development projects.